Building the World’s most Sustainable Ventures

Social Impact

At Tokonomics our mission is to create social & economic value for communities through our ventures.


Our Ventures are designed to be highly responsive to the specific needs of the communities they serve. They are built on the principle of collective impact – that is, they bring together a range of stakeholders to work together to achieve common goals.

Built on the following core principles:

1. Collective impact
2. Community-led
3. Responsive to need
4. Unique and tailored


Planting Seeds, Harvesting the Future

The Eatoverse is a game based learning platform, promoting creativity, collaboration, and problem solving to build a sustainable food system in the Minecraft Education Edition.

It will form the virtual building blocks for its real life version, Eatosystem, a sustainably focused community of farmers, chefs, schools, government and businesses creating a secure and healthy local food system for all.


Eato Ireland

An Organic Ireland

Eato Ireland’s mission is to evolve the Irish Food System and Environment by supporting the development and growth of the Organic Marketplace in Ireland.

Global Pilot


Values & Ventures

TokonV creates digital assets that provides capital to develop, grow, and sustain projects at Tokonomics with the mission to deliver long term positive social impact.

We have a wide variety of digital assets under development and have a solid roadmap to make them accessible to all.

Launching Soon