New Value Systems

 Tokonomics creates new value systems for communities through social capital, digital assets, and token economic models, with the mission to create positive social impacts.

Our projects are focused in the areas of Food, Health, Education, & Finance.

Our Value Systems


Degree of Impact

Tokon° is the value system that empowers and enables participation in the development and evolution of Tokonomics through social capital, digital assets, and token economic models igniting degree’s of impact.



Degree of Interest

Interest° is the Degree of Interest by Individuals, Parents, Businesses, Students, Farms, Businesses, Institutions, Local Government, Investors, Consumers, Volunteers, & Potential Employee’s to develop Eato in their County/Region.




Degree of Organic Growth

Eato° is the value system that empowers and enables participation in the growth and evolution of the Eatosystem through social capital, digital assets, and token economic models igniting degree’s of organic growth.



Degree of Environmental Protection

Green° are Green Bonds that support the financing of our climate-friendly projects at Eatosystem, to develop Organic Farms, Markets, & Infrastructures globally.



Degree of Ocean Conversation

Blue° are the Blue Bonds that finance projects related to ocean conservation. This includes managing plastic waste, but also promoting marine biodiversity by ensuring sustainable, clean and ecologically-friendly developments. 


Our Projects


The Eatosystem is a Holistic Infrastructure and Community of Farmers, Chefs, Individuals, Government, Businesses, and Schools, that Connect, Collaborate, & Develop an Organic Food and Environmental Protection System.


Eatosystem comprises of the following 9 core elements.


Eato is the Organic Brand that promotes, develops, and grows the consumption and production of Organic Food & Agriculture.


Préo is the Pre-Organic Brand that empowers producers to market & create added value to their produce & products through the transitional phase from conventional to Organic.  

Eato X

Eato X is the Kitchen, Studio, & Lab that showcases Organic & Pre-Organic Produce by creating daily Recipes, Content, Workshops and Pop Up Events ……….


Communicrop is a community whose mission is to Grow, Sustain, & Evolve Organic Farms, Artisan Producers and new innovative approaches to Healthy Food Production …….


Elivery is the Electric Delivery Network that delivers the Organic Produce of Communicrop to Eato, and all other Community Partners …….


Carboncrop improves the environment through the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere by converting it into plant material or soil matter through Organic Farming, ……….


Recuipe is the platform for all of Eato’s Recipes, with the mission to get more people cooking healthy nutritious meals. Our Recipes will be powered by (CUI) Conversational User …..


TokonV is a Tokenized Investment Fund that provides capital to innovative projects on Tokonomics, with the aim to deliver long term positive social impacts.

Eato Ireland

An Organic Ireland

Eato Ireland’s mission is to evolve the Irish Food System and Environment by supporting the development and growth of the Organic Marketplace in Ireland. 

The EU System

An Organic Collaboration

The creation of a healthier and more sustainable EU food system is a cornerstone of the European Green Deal.