new Systems, Ventures, & Value

Tokonomics creates new Systems, Ventures, & Value for communities through Digital Assets.

Our Systems, Ventures, & Value are focused in the areas of Education, Food, Environment, Health, & Finance.

new Systems Community Systems

Community Systems are community-led structures and mechanisms which members, organizations  and groups interact, coordinate and deliver their responses to the challenges and needs affecting their communities.


Planting Seeds, Harvesting the Future

The Eatoverse is a game based learning platform, promoting creativity, collaboration, and problem solving to build a sustainable food system in the Minecraft Education Edition.

It will form the virtual building blocks for its real life version, Eatosystem, a sustainably focused community of farmers, chefs, schools, government and businesses creating a secure and healthy local food system for all.  


A Virtual Educational Game that comes to Life in the Eatosystem


The Organic System

The Eatosystem is a Holistic Infrastructure and Community of Farmers, Chefs, Individuals, Government, Businesses, and Schools, that Connect, Collaborate, & Develop an Organic Food and Environmental Protection System.


new Ventures Business 4 Community

Our Ventures are organizations that prioritize doing work that consciously, systemically and sustainably serves or attempts to solve a local or global community need with the focus on Food, Health, Environment, Education, & Finance.

Eato Ireland

An Organic Ireland

Eato Ireland’s mission is to evolve the Irish Food System and Environment by supporting the development and growth of the Organic Marketplace in Ireland.

Global Pilot

new Value Digital Assets

A Digital Asset is a collection of binary data which is self-contained and uniquely identifiable. The value in digital assets can be expressed in terms of either their intrinsic or extrinsic value. Intrinsic value is what an asset actually is, e.g. the pixels in a digital image. Extrinsic value is the metadata that describes the context of an asset or why it might be useful. 


Intrinsic Value Extrinsic Ventures

TokonV provides Capital that develops, grows, and sustains projects at Tokonomics, with the mission to deliver long term positive social impacts through Digital Assets.

Our Investments are focused in the areas of Education, Food, Environment, Health, & Finance.

Invest in Projects & NFT’s – Launching Soon

Planting Seeds

Harvesting the Future

Planting Seeds creates NFT’s of Seeds, once the NFT’s are minted the Seeds are uploaded into the Eatoverse where they are planted into minds and communities with the mission to be added to Minecraft Education Edition.

The NFT’s fund the development and growth of the Eatoverse Education Edition, with a unique Seed minted every Week pollinated by a Collection created by Children.


Funding a Virtual Game that comes to Reality