Social & Economic Value for Communities


At Tokonomics our mission is to create social & economic value for communities through our projects.

We are a Web 3 think tank and development platform that aims to develop a sustainable food system globally. Through workshops and events with leading developers, designers, and innovators, We bring together the best minds to create a better food system for people, community, and the planet. 

The Sustainable Food System

Eatoverse, Eatosystem, & Eato Ireland

The Sustainable Food System  is an integrated approach to education, food production, distribution, and consumption that seeks to maximize social and economic benefits for local communities while minimizing impacts on the environment.

It consists of – Eatoverse, Eatosystem, & Eato Ireland. 


 Virtual Food System


Sustainable Food System

Eato Ireland

Pilot Project

Financed by TokonV

Values, Value, & Ventures

At TokonV our mission is to finance the development and growth of the Sustainable Food System.

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy sustainable food, and that’s why we’re creating digital assets to support initiatives that develop, grow, and sustain our food system. We have a strong roadmap in place to make these assets accessible to all, please join us in our pursuit of a healthier more sustainable future for all.

Pre-Seed, Seed to Harvest, & The V³ Fund

The finance to fund the Sustainable Food System is raised through the following initiatives. 


The Clover Collections

Launching Soon

Seed to Harvest

The Seed Collections

Launching 2024

The V³ Fund

Values, Value, & Ventures

Launching 2025

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