Community Systems

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Community Systems are community-led structures and mechanisms which members, organizations  and groups interact, coordinate and deliver their responses to the challenges and needs affecting their communities.


Planting Seeds, Harvesting the Future

The Eatoverse is a game based learning platform, promoting creativity, collaboration, and problem solving to build a sustainable food system in the Minecraft Education Edition.

It will form the virtual building blocks for its real life version, Eatosystem, a sustainably focused community of farmers, chefs, schools, government and businesses creating a secure and healthy local food system for all.



The Organic System

The Eatosystem is a Holistic Infrastructure and Community of Farmers, Chefs, Individuals, Government, Businesses, and Schools, that Connect, Collaborate, & Develop an Organic Food and Environmental Protection System.


EU System

Organic Collaboration

The EU System is the Organic Collaboration of Eato Ireland & Eato EU that consists of 26 Irish Counties & 26 EU Countries.

The creation of a healthier and more sustainable EU food system is a cornerstone of the European Green Deal.