No F’n Time

No F’n Time

No F’n Time is the creative NFT initiative that ignites social impact by Artists & Businesses through their investment of Capital, Resources, & Ideas into the DNA of our digital assets that Finance, Develop, and Amplify the Eatosystem.

 The creation of Digital Art & Impact Reports that showcases the Journey and DNA of the Artists & Businesses Impact, and how they are accelerating Environmental Protection. No F’n Time was launched in September 2021, to highlight that there are now 100 months until 2030, every month now represents 1% of time to make an Impact.

Each month is broken into 4 weeks, each week represents 0.25% of the month and the creation of an NFT, there will be a total of 400 NFT’s created over the 100 month timeline that will support the development of Eato Ireland through the embedded Environmental & Community Services. Each NFT created will have 5 Business versions for procurement by Solo, Micro, Small, Medium, & Enterprise Businesses throughout Ireland.

 How it Works

Artists & Businesses join Initiative – Tokonomics create NFT’s  – Impact Investments in Eato Ireland

Annual Impact Reports & Digital Art are generated for all Businesses.

Business NFT Pricing for 100 months

Small @ Undisclosed
Forecast €X m plus Auctions

Medium @ Undisclosed
Forecast €X m plus Auctions

Enterprise @ Undisclosed
Forecast €X m plus Auctions

Student Initiative Program

 Solo & Micro @ Undisclosed 
Forecast €X K plus Auctions

Eato Ireland

An Organic Ireland

Eato Ireland’s mission is to evolve the Irish Food System and Environment by supporting the development and growth of the Organic Marketplace in Ireland. 

The EU System

An Organic Collaboration

The creation of a healthier and more sustainable EU food system is a cornerstone of the European Green Deal.