Our Partners are leaders in the fields of Systems Development, Digital Impact, Marketing, Funding, & Governance.

Our Partners are Systems Innovation, Fintech Worldwide, Drop Studio, & Trustedin Trading.

Systems Innovation

Systems Innovation is an open platform for applying systems and complexity theory towards innovating new solutions to complex social, economic, technical and environmental challenges. We enable our users – across industries, academia, public and private
sector – to think in systems so as to better tackle wicked problems.

Fintech Worldwide

Fintech Worldwide is a market leading global innovation and events network with a focus on Fintech, Blockchain, Frontier Technologies and social transformation. Fintech Worldwide connects over 100,000+ developers, industry, academics, media, start-ups, investors globally with a vision to empower people to harness Fintech, Blockchain and other Digital Technologies for their industry and for Global Social Change.

Drop Studio

Drop Studio is the Crowdfunding Consulting, Video & Marketing Studio. We combine our fundraising expertise and experience together to guide passionate entrepreneurs through a successful fundraising campaign, by providing them with bespoke consultation, film and marketing support.

Trustedin Trading

Trustedin Trading is a Blockchain driven #socialmedia for Professionals and Companies / #startups . Providing tools for Community, Compliance, Growth and Syndication. Here at TrustedIn Trading, we look to encourage transparency, which leads to better and more significant business.

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